Chocolate Protein Pudding


20 g chocolate protein powder (2,5 tablespoons)

5 g Psyllium husks powder (1 teaspoon)

1,5 ml of milk or any other beverage (soy milk, oat drink etc)

Blend all ingredients together and leave the mixture for 5 minutes. The Psyllium husk is rich in water-soluble fiber that expands to several times its original size when mixed with the fluid. It quickly transforms from powder form into a gelatinous mass. In combination with a protein shake, it makes fiber-enriched and protein-packed pudding. I usually prepare this mixture for breakfast, when I don’t have much time or I am just not in the mood to eat. Because of the fibers, this protein shake makes you feel full for a few hours, especially if you drink a glass of water after the meal. Also, if you might have a problem with constipation, psyllium husk can help promote regularity and overall digestive health.

Nutrition facts:

Energy: 153 kcal

Total Fat: 3 g

Total Carbs: 8,4 g


Protein: 21 g

Fiber: 4,25 g