Set Motivation into Motion

We could agree that one of the reasons why so many people cannot make positive changes in their lives is that they are simply not motivated enough. But what is motivation? We could say motivation is a state of mind or a mental process, like feeling, idea or desire that leads to taking an action and make things happen. The word “motivation” itself stems from the Latin word “movere” which means to move

Cholesterol Controversy

Some cases of hypercholesteremia are caused by genetic abnormalities and are inherited. People with diagnosed familial hypercholesterolemia should avoid cholesterol-rich foods. But in most cases, high cholesterol is a result of a combination of lifestyle choices and variations in certain genes and dietary cholesterol is not as problematic as once believed.

What is carnosine and why its supplementation is recommended to vegetarians and vegans?

One study’s result shown strict vegetarians have 50% or less carnosine in muscle tissue then omnivores. Carnosine is present at particularly high concentrations in muscle, heart, and brain. Carnosine has been excessively researched for its anti-aging properties. In sports nutrition, carnosine is known for its ability to buffer pH in a working muscle.

Can change in diet help women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS)?

The good news is PCOS is one of the conditions that can be very good managed with the change in a diet and exercise habits. It has been estimated at 40–80% of women with PCOS are overweight or obese. Women who have PCOS are also less sensitive to insulin (the body has difficulty to use this hormone in order to convert glucose to energy) and this causes high blood sugar levels.

How to Lift Safely and Protect Your Back

It is well known that one of the most common causes of lower back pain and sciatica is poor lifting technique. If you learn how to lift the objects properly, you can save yourself from injuries. There are many every-day life situations where this knowledge can be useful, like lifting your child or dog or picking a laundry basket off the ground.

Mindful Eating

I recently read an article about mindful eating and decided to try it myself. Mindful eating is a method based on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness, which involves being fully aware of “now” i.e. present moment during a meal and paying attention to what is happening within and around you at that moment.