Do You Know Your Body Type?

Do you find long distance running extremely difficult? Do you prefer weight lifting over running? Or maybe vice versa? And when it comes to diet, maybe you gain weight just by eating one extra slice of bread in a week? It is probably connected to your body type or “somatotype”.

Mindful Eating

I recently read an article about mindful eating and decided to try it myself. Mindful eating is a method based on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness, which involves being fully aware of “now” i.e. present moment during a meal and paying attention to what is happening within and around you at that moment.


Low-Carbohydrates Diets

We live in a world where low-carb diets are extremely popular. This type of diet in most cases is classified as a diet with less than 30% of calories coming from carbohydrates. Foods like starchy vegetables, fruit or grains are restricted and higher intake of protein-rich and fat rich food is recommended. You may find many fitness professionals who advise us to cut back on carbs in order to lose some weight. And while low-carb diets may be beneficial in some health conditions, like epilepsy or type 1 diabetes, not anyone will benefit from this type of diet. Low-carb diets did show great potential when people want to lose weight, but can you really imagine eating like that your whole life? And if you exercise regularly, you should know your exercise performance will most probably be affected. So let’s talk about carbohydrates.

Why it is a good idea to write down what you eat

Writing down what you eat can help you realize where you can make improvements in your diet, the emotional triggers of your eating habits or even help you with some health issues. And with all this technology today, you won’t even need a pencil and paper. It is maybe a little bit time consuming, but the effort is worth it.

Why should we pay more attention to trans fats

Did you know that a ban on trans fats in restaurants in New York state has been linked to fewer heart attacks and strokes? In a study published in April 2017 in JAMA Cardiology, researchers found that after bans were implemented, there was a 6.2 % decline in heart attacks and strokes in New York…

What are the Advantages of Strong Glutes

These days an appealing backside continues to be extremely popular as evidenced on social media and supported by celebrities and fitness models. It is like an era of big, well-shaped glutes. But we should keep in mind our glutes muscles exist for better reasons than just looking fit or sexy. Strong glutes are essential for…

Food Cravings

Whoever has experienced a food craving knows that food craving and hunger are not the same sensations. When we are hungry, our blood sugar and insulin level drop and our brain receives a signal that it is time to eat. But food cravings are like an uninvited guest; they just show up. And when they do, we do crazy things like visiting a gas station at 10 p.m. just to find our favorite ice cream.

Zucchini Fritters (gluten-free)

Zucchini Fritters are a great way to get your veggies and proteins in one dish as they are usually prepared with combination of vegetables, eggs and cheese. In this recipe, all-purpose flour and hard cheese are replaced with cottage cheese and buckwheat flour so the fritters are a bit easier to digest. Zucchini fritters are quick and easy to make. You can even prepare the mixture on Sunday and keep it in the fridge for an upcoming week or you can freeze it.

Why a calorie IS NOT “just a calorie”

Everyone who has ever tried to count the calories in order to lose some weight knows how messy and difficult that can be. Things can go pretty well during the morning when counting the calories of two fried eggs and a slice of bread, but as soon as you start to prepare a dinner or want to eat outside, things get pretty fussy. Even a simple meal like a tomato soup can become difficult when you realize your soup is cooked with a homemade pasta.

It seems artificial sweeteners will not help you lose weight

There is a lot of controversy around the consumption of artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners have been associated with an occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Numerous observational studies have been performed to establish the association between consumption of artificial sweeteners and disease risk, but for every study that has linked artificial sweetener consumption with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, or cancer there’s another that has found no association.

Cottage Cheese with Nuts

This is one of my favourite meal for breakfast. It contains a quite amount of calories (410 kcal) which gives me enough energy for the morning. But it also contains a significant amount of proteins and good fats. Peanuts are an excellent source of B vitamins, vitamin E, dietary minerals, such as manganese, magnesium and phosphorus, and dietary fiber. Pistachios are also a rich source of dietary fiber and vitamin B and a good source of calcium, vitamin E and vitamin K.